Since writing this blog’s first post  I have received quite a bit of feedback from my readers. One of the recurring things that I have heard is, “what you are doing is very brave.” Brave? not really, what is particularly brave about it? I am told that most people would want more privacy. Well,  my life is Mostly an open book.

People say that blogging about our infertility is brave because most couples who have to deal with this issue are ashamed or embarrassed. That never made sense to me, embarrassing is:

  1. Running away from the microphone in the middle of your speech at your Bat Mitzvah.
  2. Introducing a colleague, one with whom you have worked for over a year, by the wrong name.
  3. Modeling your underwear to everyone at the bus stop because your skirt falls off as you run to catch the bus.

Infertility does not belong on this list.

I understand people who are concerned with their privacy, but I have discovered many wonderful things in my willingness to share my/our experiences. Last week my mother, one of my avid readers, called me after she had learned more about endometriosis and asked relevant questions about my treatment. This was the first productive conversation that the two of us have had on the subject and for a mother and daughter that can mean a lot. A friend suggested I should no longer refer to myself as  the infertile half of the couple because it can lead to feelings of guilt or inadequacy. After all, she noted, it takes two. There are also those people who have read the blog and shared their own experiences. Knowing that other couples have been through this makes us feel less alone.

More than anything else, by sharing this experience  I am able to gather the strength I need to push through this challenge. The past year has not been easy, but knowing that people out there are rooting us on and hoping for the best makes it a bit easier. So with the support and encouragement of those people who care I become not brave, but strong.

9 thoughts on “Brave?

  1. Im with you on the sharing part. Silence never helps anyone. We would be a much stronger and healthier community if we were open about things, did not demonize each other, and admitted to our differences and hard experiences. And…it is amazing that in the middle of all that you have time for others.

    Much Social Media Love, Sam T

  2. Wow, GREAT point (on the definition of embarrassing). Never thought of it that way, seriously, as cliche as that sounds. Once again, thanks for sharing.

  3. Being open and honest and yes, blogging about it if need be, is absolutely a great idea! You are helping not only you and your partner, but so many of us out here in the very same situation! Thank you for sharing!

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