The Disclaimer

Today I had a choice: I could either go to work, or not – guess how this one turned out. I love that the university gives me Yimei B’chira (elective days) allotted to certain holidays on which I can choose whether I want to work or not – too bad I only get three a year! The plan was clearly to sleep in, but at 8:00 am I was wide awake (if you think waking up at 8:00 is by any definition late, I assume that you have children).

As I was lying in bed, wide awake, for no good reason, I of course began to think about possible posts. I more or less already have about 30 posts that I would like to share. These are mostly cute anecdotes, with little bits of information thrown in here and there. The blog is meant to serve four concrete purposes:

  1. Keep people posted in a lighthearted manner
  2. Demonstrate that conversations about infertility are not taboo
  3. Perhaps offer perspective to other people facing the issue
  4. Satisfy my constant urge for an audience

This post was not planned, but it hit me that I must put out the following disclaimer to all: I am the farthest thing from an expert about any of this. You already know that I have no medical certification, but the situation is far worse than that. I don’t read blogs on infertility; without a little help from google, I can’t tell you the phases of a woman’s cycle (and I know that many woman out there can recite it by heart). I didn’t even know about the TWW until someone used the acronym in a conversation – her response to me was “Toby, don’t you read blogs?”

Truth, no, I don’t really like them.

7 thoughts on “The Disclaimer

  1. Oh man, I used to read so many infertility blogs. I don’t know why. I don’t remember how I started. I imagine it must have been that some other blog I read linked to Getupgrrl (blog no longer exists), and from her to the rest of the Vagina Posse, and that was it, I was hooked.

    I think, of the original ones I read, I’m only still actively reading Julie (A Little Pregnant), but it’s crazy weird to realize that I’ve been reading about some stranger’s child since way before he was successfully conceived.

    But because of those blogs, I know the whole acronym soup (IVF, IUI, TWW, PGD, TSH, etc etc).

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