Day off, psych!

Today was going to be a great day. It is  the International Day for Working Women. The university gives me about 3 hours off and I had plans that included a nice lunch and maybe some errands.

My plan was to go to the fertility clinic to have the regular blood and ultrasound that are standard for all fertility treatment and then go to work for an hour or two.  The blood went fine and I patiently awaited my turn for the ultrasound.
One hour later, the technician tells me that her ultrasound is not able to see everything necessary and I will need an additional test.  She calls the department  to get me an appointment and the secretary informs her that I have a long wait ahead of me. That is not a good sign anywhere but in Israel when they are so upfront about it you should multiply your expected wait time by a factor if ten! So much for a few hours off, good thing I have a smartphone to keep me entertained!
So it goes:
Toby plans, God laughs! Or at least someone does.

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